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Hello everyone,
We all are in a really weird and intense time. The current situation leaves us no other
option then staying at home and social distance ourselfs, to protect not only ourself, but
especially everyone else, e.g. the elderly and people with pre-existing illness.
In our business traveling and being in contact with many different people is elementary
and nothing we can usually avoid.
I started modeling almost two years ago and still can not believe what I experienced in
this time. Never ever would I have believed that this one Instagram message would
change my whole life.
I had or have the honor to work and meet such amazing and inspiring people from all
over the world. Traveling, getting to know other cultures, languages and food is such a
privileg, which I really enjoy.
Doing photoshoots and walking shows for the greatest brands is something I really miss.
I love being part of creating a story, a vision and bringing it to life. The moment when
you see the final results for the first time or making the first step on the runway and
presenting amazing clothes is just the best feeling.
But none of that can happen right now.
Everyone was living too fast-paced and lost the sight for the most important things in
life. Health, more awareness, consciousness and checking more often the well-being of
your loved ones and also yourself.
So this is our chance to step back and overthink our actions, how we behave.
This is the time to do the things you really enjoy and usually don’t have enough time for.
Reading books, drawing, painting, cooking, baking, sewing, doing sports, gardening,
meditating, facetiming your friends, call your family and loved ones. I try to keep myself
busy during this quaratine.
But most importantly, watch out for others who need help, distance yourself from others
to protect them. In Berlin and other cities we have this really great initiative called
‚Gabenzäune’, where everyone can put relevent stuff like hygiene products, food, clothes
etc. into a bag and hang it on a public fence for homeless people.
This togetherness that is growing more and more between the people all over the world
in this tough time is amazing. Also in the fashion industry wee need support brands and
all the people behind, and I would love to do that.
I am super grateful to have the opportunity to work from home and find ways to stay
Now is the time to make a difference and if we all work together we can achieve great
things. The world came to an abrupt stop and I deeply wish that we do not continue to
live the same way as before. Not only in general but also in the fashion industry.
So let’s get together, spread positive vibes and maybe we will return with new ideas,
perspectives and better awareness of ourselfs, our actions, our enviroment and
togetherness, after this crisis. We are in need for dreams and aspiration, particularly in
this hard time and difficult circumstances.
I am ready to stick together, grow, learn, evolve, create and support from home.
I would be beyond happy to be part of your project and make the best out of this
Stay safe and all the best,
Maike Inga ☺

Maike is germanys new Fräulein Wunder

she  kick started her impressive career exactly 2 years ago and as her first job Prada booked her exclusive for there campaign and as showopener.

Which gave her the ground stone for an international top model carrier has been set.
She was discoverd by MIHA Model Mgmt
Maike did campaigns like Versace & Zara or Editorials for Vogue US, Vogue Paris, Vogue Italy, Another Magazine, Dust Magazine and many more

No wonder Maike hits the Hotlist of

Lovely Maike is based in Berlin and her partner photographer for this story is VITALI GELWICH
He is one of the most successful international new discoveries within the last years.
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