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From sabina with love

The sun is shining, the sky is blue and the flowers are blooming. I sit in my garden and watch the birds. The laundry is washed, the apartment sparkling clean, paperwork sorted, nails varnished and emails updated for the hundredth time. Twenty days of quarantine and I don't even know what life was like before. Apparently everything should be the same again in a week. I'm not sure about that. What will be different in a week from now? Except that I will soon have used up my canvas and need new paint, these weeks will move at a snail's pace. 
I digress in my thoughts and dream about the places I have visited by modeling. How great Japan was, the shooting on the mountain peak, in Milano when I ran the show for Gucci or how I strolled through the alleys in Paris and marveled at the beautiful architecture! Oh how I miss that, the shootings, the creativity to create something together with people, just amazing. I watch a fly, flying through the garden, thinking how I ran through the streets so as not to be late for a casting, and now it feels like the world is standing still. Who am I? What I want? Many questions and no answer in this uncertain time. Of course there are alot of things u can do during these time, only my world of fashion seems to be taking a back seat. 
I play on my hair. The sun tickles my face. What can I do about it? How can I still live out my passion as a model? Now there are some options, I conclude. A quarantine shoot should go! Especially now during this time you should stay creative. I close my eyes and fall asleep and dream that my beautiful house and garden will change as a set location. I pose and move, laugh and feel free again. How I love modeling. Suddenly I wake up again and find that I only dreamed it. Oh how nice that would be if the dream came true ...

Sabina is our swiss girl, based in Winterthur close to Zurich.

This girl has the energy of 10 people and is frequlensly on the road travling on the international model market

She has a overwhelming attitude and a stunning charisma.

She has a lot of experience shooting with lookbooks, editorials and e-com for clients like Gucci, Bimba & Lola, Monki, Lofficiel, Grazia, Marie Claire and many many more....


Sabina´s partner photographer is Noemi!

Noemi lives close to Sabina´s house, together they are a dream team and are able to do the perfect content created for your products.

Take a look at her great Insta profil.

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